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The binding factor in dairy

Dairy is interesting and multifaceted. It lends itself to more and more products and product variations. For new flavours and surprising combinations and ingredients. Appealing to the consumer, profitable for manufacturers and buyers. Zuivelmaatschappij B.V. forms the link between dairy manufacturers in Europe and buyers in the Netherlands and Belgium.

We've specialised ourselves in private-label products such as quark, luxury desserts, world yogurts, coffee creamer-cups, organic dairy produce and festive season – and niche products. We market these products to retail companies, wholesalers and major firms. 

We are experts in the dairy industry, on the cusp of the latest trends and always there for our clients.

Suzanne de Boer
Suzanne de Boer Product Manager
Jan van der Maarel
Jan van der Maarel Commercieel Directeur


The foundation: loyalty, personal care and a no-nonsense culture.

We obtain our products through manufacturers around Europe. Companies with advanced and efficient manufacturing processes. It's our vision that loyalty is the foundation to doing successful business. Zuivelmaatschappij is a no-nonsense company, we like to roll up our sleeves and enjoy an open working atmosphere. The lines of communication are short, which means we can respond quickly in alignment with the needs of our clients and suppliers. You can count on our personal care.


Our strategy: diversification

It's our ambition to play a distinct role in the market, with a distinctive offering of exclusive niche-products and/or distinctive private label products. Our key success factors: short internal lines of communication, partnerships with midsized international players and local manufacturers without their own largescale sales-, marketing-, and distribution network. We strive for a healthy balance of private label, fancy label and brand products on the one side, and retail versus out-of-home and industry on the other. We aim to achieve this by applying our strategy of diversification. The objective eventually: a good return for future growth.

Part of the Bieze Food Group

Zuivelmaatschappij is part of the Bieze Food Group. Zuivelmaatschappij is a service partner, specialised in the procurement, marketing and the sale of dairy and fresh produce in the Netherlands. In particular the retail sector, out-of-home and the industry. Herein we focus primarily on distinctive products and private labels. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a specialist in dairy, we work with manufacturers of natural products on a day to day basis. This brings with it the realisation that it is of vast importance that we treat our planet with care. The Bieze Group, of which Zuivelmaatschappij forms part of, is continually searching for ways to an even more sustainable and energy efficient way of working. In such a way that it contributes to the work comfort and enjoyment of employees.

Lean & Green

The Bieze Food Group applies a sustainable logistical process, for which we head the Lean & Green-label. Our moving equipment meets the Euro-5 and Euro-6 standards. We drive as much as possible with maximum, fully loaded heavy goods vehicles. We plan the route to economise on 'food miles', which leads to reduced CO2 emissions. And of course, it reduces costs. 

Energy efficient warehouse

The new Bieze Food Group logistics centre in the industrial estate De Flier in Nijkerk. It's one of the most environmentally sustainable and energy efficient cooled warehouses in the Netherlands. It includes strict cooperation with insulation requirements, there are 960 PV solar panels and the local animal and plant life surrounding the building have plenty of space. The new warehouse has floor space of around 14,000 square metres. 

Part of the Bieze Food Group

Part of the Bieze Food Group
Part of the Bieze Food Group