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Our services for manufacturers and buyers of dairy products

As a trading company we establish the link between manufacturers and buyers. We take the load off your shoulders, as much as possible. This is our strength. From product management to supply chain & warehousing. And from quality assurance to marketing advice. Familiarise yourself with our service:

Product management

The government applies strict regulations on all food products sold in the Netherlands and Belgium. This requires extensive and up to date knowledge of laws and regulations. We take care of the product management, including in the field of food safety, product specifications and supply chain & warehousing. Our objective: reliable dairy products and packaging that meet all the standards. Security and diligence prioritised!

Supply chain & warehousing

Naturally we treat your products with the utmost care. We collect all orders in our central warehouse. We subsequently assemble the orders, which we in turn supply to the distribution centres of our buyers. This is largely done by way of fine distribution. We generally transport bulk orders directly from the manufacturer to the buyer. We prefer to take care of transportation ourselves; using our own equipment or via our permanent shipping agent. This gives us maximum control in terms of the quality. Some suppliers take care of the transportation from their location to our warehouse. In order ensure an efficient supply chain we work together with EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and the GS1 Logistiek Etiket. Furthermore, this allows optimal tracking & tracing.

Quality assurance

The introduction of a new product involves a careful process that precedes quality management and quality assurance. This is a speciality of our Quality department. They work closely with the suppliers' laboratories and an independent third party laboratory. All our suppliers are certified. They manufacture safely, in accordance with laws and regulations. Our shipping agents are certified for the transport of refrigerated goods. This guarantees an uninterrupted refrigeration chain and optimal product quality.

Marketing advice

We know the Dutch market through and through. We apply this knowledge to the advantage of our suppliers and buyers. Not only do we offer advice on dairy products, but we also like to contribute to the process of new dairy products and distinctive packaging. We do so based on our knowledge of shapes, materials and print. And: knowledge of your market. This knowledge of the market enables us to determine trends. We offer advice on these matters to our clients.

Private label

Zuivelmaatschappij is a specialist in private label products. A-quality products at competitive prices, with a favourable margin for the retailer. We work towards this with our suppliers who can meet this demand. We are loyal to our suppliers. We strive for a long-term collaboration, based on partnership and an eye for mutual interests. This ensures optimal product quality and efficient supply. We also provide fancy-labels.