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Luxury desserts, World yogurts, quark, coffee creamer and organic produce …Zuivelmaatschappij markets various dairy products. From commodity to luxury. We supply these products to retail companies, wholesalers and major firms. An overview of our assortment:

Luxury desserts

Luxury desserts for the complete dining experience. We supply various types of exclusive desserts, including chocolate mousses, rice desserts, cheesecakes, puddings, fruit yogurts with large pieces of fruit. Desserts sold all year round, as well as seasonal or event related desserts (e.g. World Cup football or the Olympics) or variations sold during the festive season. Presented in special packaging upon request. We produce the taste and the packaging in collaboration with the supplier. 

Kitchen dairy

People are spending more and more time in the kitchen. The demand for dairy products for the kitchen is steadily growing. Zuivelmaatschappij has capitalised on this trend, with products such as crème fraîche, sour cream, whipped cream and cooking cream. Quality products that make for delicious meals. 


Low-fat quark, Full French quark, flavoured quark, Biogarde-quark....Zuivelmaatschappij obtains these products through various permanent suppliers. Due to its high nutritional value, quark remains a popular product with athletes and people looking to lose weight. 

World yogurts

Zuivelmaatschappij was the first company in the Netherlands to introduce World yogurts to the market. By World yogurts we mean Turkish yogurt, Greek style yogurt and Bulgarian yogurt. These yogurts are produced according to the original recipe from the country of origin. This ensures a particularly full and creamy texture.

Coffee creamer-cups

For coffee creamer cups you need look no further than Zuivelmaatschappij. These cups are produced by a permanent supplier in Germany. We supply different types of cups: from coffee creamer to coffee milk with high and low fat percentages. We generally transport these products directly from the factory to the buyer. 

Organic and natural

As a specialist in private-label products we increasingly supply organic dairy products, such as quark, yoghurt and kitchen dairy products. We also supply organic dairy produce from goats and sheep, including milk products, yogurt and quark. For this, we work together with multiple suppliers, who manufacture their products with respect for the nature and animal life. Each organic product is equipped with a 'European Organic' logo. And now clients can also come to us for natural dairy produce, the new trend.

Festive season - and niche products

A festive pudding for Christmas, a special yogurt for Easter brunch or happy childrens’ dessert...Zuivelmaatschappij supports its clients in the development of these products, as well as other special varieties. Together with the supplier we develop the idea into a monster of a product, both taste and packaging. Then, with approval of the client, we move over into production. The result: A good sellable product on the shelves, and on the tables in the homes of consumers.